PPWC - The After Story

The Pikes Peak Writers Conference 2011 has come and gone and what do I think? Wowee, wow, wow, wow!

This was my first writers conference and I expected it to be productive and to provide good information. But it far exceeded my expectations. The workshops from day one were fantastic and opened my creative brain in completely new ways. In four days of sessions there was not one workshop that felt “less than” to me; I received valuable information from each and every one.
The other very bright spot was the opportunity to meet so many creative and wonderful people. Not only were the attendees at this conference smart, friendly and, yes, super-creative, but they were also supportive and enthusiastic about the successes of their fellow writers. That was so great to see and I was very happy to be part of that.

The conference ended on Sunday and in the days since I’ve been immersed in the learnings, sorting through notes and information and organizing contact data for all my new friends and colleagues. Oh, and I’ve also been sleeping. The conference was also exhausting but I loved every single minute of it. I’m already looking forward to next year!