Greetings and Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by. And, yes, this is my first blog. I’m glad you’re here! Hey, I’m glad I’m here! But let me start off by saying this…as I explored the world of blogging and “rules for blogging” and “best way to be blogging’s best blogger,” I became frustrated. I thought about these rules and I thought about myself and you know what I decided? I’m not going to follow these rules.

Here’s the deal – yes, there are things you’ll likely see me blogging about more often than not. I love my dogs and they make me laugh so I’ll likely be talking about them. Same goes for my husband, both in the loving sense and the laughing sense (though he doesn’t always mean to make me laugh – hee hee), so you’ll probably see him mentioned in posts. And I’m a proponent of adopting animals from shelters and taking care of the environment and hugging trees and eating really yummy food. All likely to show up in posts, here and there. But that’s just not all there is, my friends.

I want this blog to be a place where you and I can actually get to know each other better. If you’re here because you like me or my writing – great! As I said earlier, I’m glad you’re here. But I love to observe the world around me and I love to share my thoughts and ask questions and rarely do I do that with the same topics each day. So, a variety of topics is what you’ll find here. If that just does not work for you and you’re bailing out, never to be seen near this blog again, so be it. I fully support that. You should read blogs that make you feel good about the time you’ve spent with them. But if you do feel like sticking around I say yahoo and thank you! And let’s have some fun!